Using JConsole in java And creating memory dump by it.

Starting jconsole

The jconsole executable is in JDK_HOME/bin, where JDK_HOME is the directory where the JDK is installed.  If this directory is on your system path, you can start the tool by simply typing jconsole in a command (shell) prompt. Otherwise, you have to type the full path to the executable file

Now run the jconsole exe from cmd.

you will get a new window and it will ask to select a java exe to examine.

After selecting the java process you will get a window with the overview of the process

In upper tabs you can find the more options such as thread here you can find the number of theards and its memory.

On memory tab you will get more option to to view different memories.

You can also see the overview of the whole process

Now to create heap dump we have to enter the path at first parameter and true in second. Once we get a heap dump we can analyse it with different tools . In my next post i will explain hoe to analyse it with  Memory Analyzer (MAT) - Eclipse

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