Setting Apache ANT on Computer (Ant part-2)

 Setting up your machine with Ant

Follow the steps to setup the Ant in your computer.

1. Download the following  files( to your hard drive.

2. Unzip the file to anywhere in your hard drive in any folder.

3. Right click your My Computer icon in the Desktop and choose the properties.

4. In the properties now select the Advanced tab and open Environment Variables button.

5. Click on the New button in the System Variable options and enter the following
Variable name - ANT_HOME
Variable value – The ant path location in your system (for example C:\ant\myant)

6. Click the OK button ans save the setting

7. Set the PATH as below in your system (If you have a PATH variable exists in your system then
append the ANT_HOME to it)
set PATH=%PATH%;%ANT_HOME%\bin


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