Deploy war on weblogic server by weblogic console

In this post we will see how to deploy a war on weblogic by using weblogic console.

1)First start the admin server of your weblogic server  for this browse to the path of domain of your weblogic server .it will be some what like


here you will get all the domains created
so in


you will get  startWebLogic.cmd or
depending on your OS Just run it and you will see a cmd console

2)Now If your weblogic server is started succssfully it will display running in console

3) After starting weblogic server succssfully . Open the weblogic console from the below linkhttp://localhost:7001/console

where localhost is the machine address on which weblogic server is running.And 7001 is the port on which weblogic admin server is running.
4)Now it will ask for username or password just enter your domain username and password
and it will redirect to a screen.

5) Now click on deployment on the left side pannel and you will se a screen asking to browse
the war file.

6)Just browse to the war file want to deploy on weblogic server.

7) Now click next and it will ask to chose the server on which you want to deploy the war from
here you can select Admin server or any other managed server(If you chose other managed server
then you have to start it seprately from nodemanager or manully)

8) Now click next and select radio button which says copy the war on every target to uplaod
war on weblogic server

9) Now if deployment is completed then it will display that sataus of deployment as Active.


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