Some Core Ant Tasks (ANT Part-4)

In our last post we have seen 
Now we will see some core task which can be performed by using ANT. Below are some of the most useful tasks .

GUnzip: This task is used to unzip and expand the tar files with gz
extensions. These files are unziped in the current folder.

<gunzip src="abc.tar.gz" dest="aaa.tar"/> 

Gzip: This task is used to zip the source files using GZip  algorithms. The source(src) and the destination (destfile or zipfiles) attributes are mandatory 
<gzip src="aaa.tar" destfile="abc.tar.gz"/> 

Copy: Copy a file to a new file or to a new folder. 
<copy file="copythis.txt" tofile="tothis.txt"/> 

Delete: This task is used to delete a folder , file and folder's entire sub directories. the properties used with delete are includes, includesfile, excludes, excludesfile or defaultexcludes to add or 
remove files from deleting. But all these tasks are depreciated and it’s recommended to use 
resource collections. 
 <fileset dir="." includes="**/*.bak"/> 

Ear: This task is used to create ear file for Enterprise Deployment. 
 <ear destfile="build/myproject.ear" appxml="src/metadata/application.xml"> 
 <fileset dir="build" includes="*.jar,*.war"/> 

Echo: This task is used to echo message during the build process. We can write the message in the console or to a specified file. We have options to setup the level of logging 
as error, warning, info, verbose and debug. 
<echo file="mylogfile.lgo" level="error"> 
build filed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
<echo message="Hello copied folders "/>

Jar: This task is used to create jar file from a specific folder. The includes or excludes 
properties can be used to add or prevent few files adding in the jar file 
 <jar destfile="${dist}/lib/myfirstjar.jar" 

Mail: This task is used to send mail using SMTP.
<mail mailhost="" mailport="1076" subject="Testing Mail.."> 
 <from address=""/> 
 <replyto address=""/> 
 <to address=""/> 
 <message>type your message here </message
 <fileset dir="thisfolder"> 
 <include name="nameoffiletobeincluded"/> 

Move: This task is used to move or remane a file to a new file or to a folder 
<move file="abc.txt" tofile="xyz.txt"/> - this can be also used for renaming the file

Retry: If you want to repeate a task which is faild or want to run it sevral time when it fails then you have to use this 
<retry retrycount="5"> 
 <get src="myjar.jar" 
 dest="/com/build/myjar.jar" /> 

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